Rink Ratz Members

Rink Ratz Membership

As of January 1, 2023, Ringing Rocks Roller Rink will not allow entry of any persons under the age of 18 without a parent or guardian for any public session after 4pm. Along with this policy, we have created the Rink Ratz membership for teens, ages 13-17. Members of Rink Ratz will have access to skating without a parent or guardian during Rink Ratz only sessions.

There is no charge for Rink Ratz membership. Rink Ratz members will still need to purchase tickets for admission. You will find Rink Ratz sessions on our Square site here along with all other public session and events. 

To view tickets available for Rink Ratz members, please visit out Square Site here.

Rink Ratz FAQ’s

Q: Who is Rink Ratz for?

A: Rink Ratz is for teens between the ages of 13 and 17 that wish to skate without a parent or guardian.


Q: When will Rink Ratz-only sessions take place?

A: Every Friday from 8:30pm – 10:30pm. There will also be special events throughout the year exclusive for Rink Ratz members. You can view the current list of Rink Ratz sessions here.


Q: What does it cost to join Rink Ratz?

A: Rink Ratz is completely free to join. Additionally, there is reduced admission price for Rink Ratz Teen Skate sessions.


Q: Can Rink Ratz attend all public sessions without a parent/guardian?

A: No. Rink Ratz may only attend Rink Ratz Teen Skate sessions and All Ages sessions without a parent/guardian. 


Q: How do I register my teen for Rink Ratz? 

A: We will post the times of open registrations on our social media and website. If you’re unable to make any of these events, please complete a registration form. Once completed, you will be contacted by Ringing Rocks staff to schedule an appointment at the rink. Both you and your teen must be present at the rink together to complete registration.  


Q: What information is needed to register my teen for Rink Ratz?

A: Full contact information for you (the primary parent/guardian), as well as full contact information for an emergency contact (age 21 and over only). Please bring a valid ID when registering. We will need to take a photo of your teen for our database (just like a gym). You will also need to sign a liability waiver as well as an agreement for the rink’s code of conduct policy.


Q: Will my teen still need to buy tickets for skate sessions?

A: Yes. Tickets for all skate sessions are available on our website. As with all our sessions, we recommend buying tickets in advance. Rink Ratz membership does not guarantee entry to the rink in the event of sell out. 


Q: Can my teen bring a friend to a Rink Ratz Teen Skate session?

A: No. A teen may bring a parent or guardian to a Rink Ratz Teen Skate session, but no other non-members will be allowed in.


Q: Can I sign my teen up for Rink Ratz during any public session?

A: No. You must either attend an open registration event or complete the form and schedule an appointment.